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Bindery Update

National Library Bindery Company of Indiana, Inc. is now a part of Walker Restoration Bookbinding, LLC, please email or call for more information or to set up an appointment.


Phone: 463.202.5519

We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

The Works of Theodore Roosevelt in 24 Leather Bound Volumes

“I am just delighted!” -Ben

Ben’s favorite set of books, the 24 volume Memorial Edition of “The Works of Theodore Roosevelt” was bound in a faded red cloth that did not match his enthusiasm for the text within.
    The new covers are quarter bound in Blue Roma Goat leather with Sage Linen cloth. The raised bands are highlighted with genuine gold stamping. The titles are stamped in the Cheltenham typeface which was extremely popular when Theodore Roosevelt was president. The newly re-bound Memorial Edition has a stately presence that commands attention in the bookcase.

Saving Beautiful 1814 Marbled End Sheets

A favorite customer brought in a beautiful book that was over 100 years old and needed a few repairs. We were able to replace the torn cloth hinge guard and save the marbled end sheets. The book is now in great working condition and is ready for many more years of use.






If you have a book that needs repair, call us at 317 636-5606. We can bring new life to your old books so they can enjoyed for many years to come.

Book Problems Solved!

Split Before

Before — an email from a customer: “I just received a new book in damaged condition. This book is put out by a press in Budapest, Hungary and it is difficult and expensive to obtain. I am planning to use this book often as a reference text, and I want a secure binding that will last.”

Split After

After — “I just wanted to tell you again how pleased I am with this work. I’ve been using the book and it is very well done. And what a great job on saving the inside cover with the diagrams. Much appreciated.” – Peter M.

If you have a book with a problem, new or old, call on National Library Bindery for lasting solutions!

Preserving Memories and Family Histories

Dear National Library Bindery,
I talked on the phone yesterday about how much we appreciated the excellent work that was done to restore my sister-in-law’s family Bible. It was the Bible that had the cover in pieces, etc (really thick, Victorian looking and was approximately 100 years old). My sister-in-law and my brother were so excited to see it restored and were so thankful that it was able to be restored; her uncle had passed the Bible on to her, so we then took it and showed it to him; he just kept looking at it and touching it and said that it was beautiful.

I had the restoration work done as a gift and I just wanted to again express my ‘thank you’ for taking such care in the work you do. I appreciate all that you do to help people preserve their memories and family histories and the genuine interest you show while doing this. You are the best and I am happy to tell others about your services.

Thank you again so much,


Teresa in Telluride

tellurideSituated at 8,750 feet in an isolated mountain town in Telluride Colorado is the American Academy of Bookbinding. Last November our restoration expert, Teresa Walker, made the journey via a small propeller aircraft to take the school’s week-long intensive in paper conservation. Tucked into the snowcapped mountains this fully restored historic little town provided the perfect setting for Teresa to learn advanced methods in the mending and cleaning of old papers through immersion baths, deacidification, and re-sizing to restore paper that had become damaged over time. To practice her newly learned skills, Teresa brought samples of items that required various degrees of repair, from water damage to a child’s crayon handiwork. One of Teresa’s items was a small family heirloom – a pamphlet from 1906 containing information and a photo about her great-grandfather.

 telluride telluride telluride