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Textbook Rebinding Season

August, 2017 — “We received our books yesterday and we are so impressed with the quality of the rebinds. It has been a pleasure working with you!” – Ware County Schools, Georgia

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We are currently sending our Textbook Rebinding Information Packets to schools. Please call or email us for your school’s packet and secure a spot in our textbook rebinding schedule.

Our rebound textbooks are stitched with a heavy thread. Other binderies simply glue the pages. A stitched book is considerably stronger and less prone to failure than a glue bound book.

Library Buckram bookcloth will be used when pre-printed covers are not available.

We use high density binders’ board for the covers of rebound textbooks. Many other binderies use low density board. High density board will not bend and crush as easily as low density board. This is especially important for the corners of the cover which are subject to impact in daily use.

We add a cloth reinforcing strip to the top and bottom of the spine inlay to add support to this area of the cover. No other bindery we know of does this.

In addition to the lining around the spine of the text block, we reinforce the cover spine by adding case lining paper to the spine area and on to each of the cover boards. This provides much needed strength at the cover joints, a common point of failure on textbooks.

August, 2012 — “Thanks for the great job on our books! So many this year!” – Liberty Christian School, Anderson, Indiana

Contact us today for information on how to submit your textbook order:
317-636-5606 or nlbco@nlbco.com

Book of Minutes – Restored

“Thank you for doing such a great job restoring our minute book from the original minutes of the St. Francis Hospital medical staff. The medical staff will really appreciate how you preserved this book for us.” — Jennifer G.


Bound to Travel Well

“My copy of ‘1,000 Places to See Before You Die’ was falling apart after using it for years. I decided to have it professionally rebound so that it would last longer. The people at the National Library Bindery were extremely nice and helpful and they did an amazing job. If I ever needed to have a book bound again, I would definitely take it here.”  — Beth M. 


The Works of Theodore Roosevelt in 24 Leather Bound Volumes

“I am just delighted!” -Ben

Ben’s favorite set of books, the 24 volume Memorial Edition of “The Works of Theodore Roosevelt” was bound in a faded red cloth that did not match his enthusiasm for the text within.
    The new covers are quarter bound in Blue Roma Goat leather with Sage Linen cloth. The raised bands are highlighted with genuine gold stamping. The titles are stamped in the Cheltenham typeface which was extremely popular when Theodore Roosevelt was president. The newly re-bound Memorial Edition has a stately presence that commands attention in the bookcase.

A Cemetery Log is a Splendid Gift for a Family History Researcher

Standard2Our exclusive cemetery log was released last October at the Indiana State Library’s annual Genealogy Show. The log features 34 pages including log sheets to record the genealogical findings during cemetery visits. The log also contains a symbols guide to aid in decoding tombstone symbols you may find as well as a reference to the common tombstone styles you’ll encounter out in the field.

You can order a copy by clicking on ‘The Marketplace’ tab above and scrolling down to the Cemetery Log.

We are excited to announce that National Library Bindery Company Brand Cemetery Logs are now available for purchase at the Indiana Historical Bureau’s Gift Shop located at 140 North Senate Avenue.

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