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Slip Case Class – Our First Class of 2018!

  Saturday, January 27th, 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm at the National Library Bindery Company.
Come join us at the bindery and learn to make a slip case for your very own book! Each participant will have the option of making a slip case with a ribbon pull or with thumb notches. Your slip case will be covered in book cloth in which each student will have a variety of options in regards to color.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to class!
  • Bring in one of your own books: Minimum size is 4″ high X 4″ wide X 1″ thick.
  • Maximum size is 11″ high X 8″ wide X 3″ thick, then any size that falls in between those two measurements is fine.
    • Cost: $65, All supplies included.
      Class size is limited. Call 317-636-5606 or email nlbco@nlbco.com for more information.

Preserving Memories

Dear National Library Bindery,
I talked on the phone yesterday about how much we appreciated the excellent work that was done to restore my sister in law’s family Bible. It was the Bible that had the cover in pieces, etc (really thick, Victorian looking and was approximately 100 years old). My sister in law and my brother were so excited to see it restored and were so thankful that it was able to be restored; her uncle had passed the Bible on to her, so we then took it and showed it to him; he just kept looking at it and touching it and said that it was beautiful.

I had the restoration work done as a gift and I just wanted to again express my ‘thank you’ for taking such care in the work you do. I appreciate all that you do to help people preserve their memories and family histories and the genuine interest you show while doing this. You are the best and I am happy to tell others about your services.

Thank you again so much,


Traditional Craftsmanship Available Today

We recently finished binding the legislative records for the Commonwealth of Kentucky to match their distinctive and durable bookbinding standards.Center Shelf_sm2

The National Library Bindery Company has the expertise and equipment required to fulfill this demanding level of traditional craftsmanship.6 in 1-600

Call on the bookbinding experts at National Library Bindery Company for beautiful books that are bound to stand the test of time. Telephone – 317 636-5606, E-mail – nlbco@nlbco.com

A Cemetery Log is a Splendid Gift for a Family History Researcher

Standard2Our exclusive cemetery log was released last October at the Indiana State Library’s annual Genealogy Show. The log features 34 pages including log sheets to record the genealogical findings during cemetery visits. The log also contains a symbols guide to aid in decoding tombstone symbols you may find as well as a reference to the common tombstone styles you’ll encounter out in the field.

You can order a copy by clicking on ‘The Marketplace’ tab above and scrolling down to the Cemetery Log.

We are excited to announce that National Library Bindery Company Brand Cemetery Logs are now available for purchase at the Indiana Historical Bureau’s Gift Shop located at 140 North Senate Avenue.

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