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Our director of restoration, Teresa Walker, has been bringing new life into a wide range of old, tattered books for over a decade. She has worked on everything from first edition children’s books, 100-year-old family bibles and heirlooms, to historical books for private collectors. Each book is evaluated to determine it’s unique restoration treatment from paper mending, resewing, recasing, or even full reproduction. We use traditional tools and methods that honor the original integrity of each book. Please call to set up an appointment to bring in your book, discuss your options with Teresa, take a tour of the bindery and see her work in progress!

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Teresa’s early passion for antiquity led her to pursue studies at Purdue University and IUPUI where she earned her masters degree in History and Library Science. After completing her degree she worked as a researcher for the University of Illinois until deciding to combine her appreciation for history with an interest in the craft of bookbinding. She began her bookbinding career with NLBCO, learning the basics of traditional bookmaking. Teresa quickly found her element in the restoration department where she mastered the essential skills of mending, cover repair, leather skiving and tooling, typesetting and stamping. Most recently Teresa attended the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, Colorado, where she studied an intensive in paper conservation and an advanced class on gold leaf tooling.

Teresa enjoys working on early 20th century books. Their often distinctive cover designs provide a unique challenge for her to blend seamless repairs into the artwork.