Personal Binding

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Manuscripts | Genealogy | Periodical & Newspaper Collections
Theses & Dissertations | Research Papers | Self-Publishing | Photo Albums
Journals | Scrapbooks | Special Enclosures | Restoration & Replication
Personalized Foil-Stamping

Each book we create is a unique experience that begins with one-on-one collaboration. At National Library Bindery Company we don’t just download your files to an automated production line. Our dedicated team of bookbinders bestow heritage binding techniques to each project, from one family vacation album to one thousand memoirs. Each book is individually made, titles set letter by letter, stamped with gold and neatly tooled on antique binding equipment. We welcome your unique ideas…where does your story begin?

Binding + Rebinding Services | Class “A” Library quality binding

  • Manuscripts
  • Genealogy
  • Newspapers + Periodical collections
  • Theses + Dissertations
  • Research Papers
  • Self-Publishing


Specialty Items | Photo Albums, Journals, Scrapbooks, Special Enclosures


Restoration + Replication | archival quality materials and methods
Bring new life to cherished family bibles, rare books, children’s classics, and more under the care of our restoration specialist. Learn more about our restoration services here.

Mechanical Binding | low cost, quick turnaround
• Post Binding

Personalized Foil Stamping
Special titles, names, or custom graphics an be stamped with colored foil or blind debossed on any of the above items. We can also foil stamp or deboss items outside of our product offering.