The Literary Garden

self-publishing3smallThe Literary Garden Publishing Company is a division of National Library Bindery specifically created to help individuals navigate the self-publishing world. When it comes to creating a book, we don’t think one size fits all. Your book is unique. Your purpose for writing your book, your audience, your marketing strategy; they are all unique. To us, it seems only fitting, that the self-publishing process should be unique as well. Whether your book has wide appeal, a narrow target market, or perhaps was written simply for distribution to family and friends, you can select the publishing services you desire. This gives you the ability to design a program that fits your specific needs and avoid the costs of unnecessary services often associated with packaged deals. Recognizing that the choices are many and often confusing, we offer a free consultation session to help you in this decision-making process. In this session, we will explore your expectations, explain the various options available, and provide expertise in the areas of book design and production.

As much as the creation of a book is unique, so is its marketing. The style of marketing is largely driven by the purpose for which it was written. An author who publishes a book for family and friends may need little or no marketing effort from the self-publishing company. A book published for sales to a large market will likely require a strategic plan.

The online listings available are general marketing tools and provide convenience for potential buyers. More effective targeted marketing can be directed by the author.

Many self-publishing companies take control of a book’s sales and its ongoing profitability by offering the author a small royalty based on calculations that are often confusing, ambiguous, and unfairly favor the publisher. With our program, you pay for the services selected, receive your books, set the wholesale and retail prices as you desire, and retain 100% of the profit. You retain all rights to your work, and you will receive copies of all the files used to produce your book. In this way you have full control.

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